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About River Spirit SUP

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About River Spirit SUP

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If you like what you see then come give it a go :)

For us it's about getting people onto the water and sharing that feeling of what it is to SUP (and you won't know it until you've tried it!).
We run a fleet of top quality inflatable paddleboards and like to use as much innovation as possible to make SUP accessible to all, offering a safe and fun way to get on the water.

With River Spirit SUP you will discover just how easy it really is to get fit and improve your health and vitality, whilst at the same time disconnecting from the crazy pace of day to day life! you will explore the veins of our country - the waterways....Discover and appreciate the peace, tranquillity and beauty the nature of our waterways has to offer us.

The greatest appeal about SUP is that no previous experience is required and you don't have to be super fit to give it a try.
It appeals to all ages, young and old which makes it a great activity that families can share and do together.

We have a sustained interest in joining and connecting communities, giving people an opportunity to get off the road, out of the towns and onto the water come to us or we can come to you.
SUP has been named the most popular outdoor recreational activity in the world and stands alone as the fastest growing watersport in the UK . Come Feel the Spirit of the River for yourself and see why.


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